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Live Sound Union Poll

The Survey Submission Deadline has passed

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Job Title(s) please only select your current applicable role(s).
Which sectors do you work in?
Do you feel live sound needs union representation?
Are you looking to join a union and prepared to pay fees?
Are there any unions available to you currently?
Are you already a member of a union in the UK?
If you answered "No" to the above question, is there a reason you're not currently a Union member?
Which Union would you prefer to represent you?
Would you be willing to be a union rep?
Which issues do you feel you need union representation for?
What is your work status?
Has the situation surrounding COVID-19 made you feel the need for union representation?
I give my permission for the data I have provided to be stored in line with GDPR guidance. I understand that my data may be used as part of complied anonymous data that will be shared publicly, including in future conversations with Unions. will not make public or share identifiable information with any third parties.
I would like to be contacted with any updates regarding the outcome of this survey and news relating to it. No contact details will be given out to any third parties.

Thank you for taking part! 

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