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I am passionate about music and working with musicians to create and present their sound.

Being involved in music from a young age I have an integral understanding of what makes music sound great.

Working with artists is a real pleasure when mixing music in the studio or performing to a Live audience.

I tour internationally as a FOH Engineer and systems engineer and love every minute of it.


Jocelyn Brown - FOH Engineer

Jocelyn Brown.jpg

Jocelyn Brown, sometimes credited as Jocelyn Shaw, is an American R&B and dance singer. With a Billboard Hot 100 chart entry to her name, she is very well known in the world of dance music

I started working with Jocelyn in 2017 and have mixed multiple live performances as her personal FOH engineer. With a Full Band of 9 members including Jocelyn, it's a full mix. These gigs are thoroughly enjoyable and the team are really tight. 

Jocelyn and her band have a BIG sound and I enjoy being a part of creating the live shows.

Studio Work

Image by NeONBRAND

I also enjoy working in the studio offering mixing, mastering and producing services.

There is a studio space in my home and I have access to a full professional recording suite near by. 

Currently I am working with two artists on new music which will be announced in the future.

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